What A Sanitizer Should Not Do?

    Now, there are many sanitizers out there in the market. So, it is challenging to select the best from the lot. What you should do is go for a negative approach. Instead of looking at what a sanitizer can do, learn what a sanitizer should not do. To help you with that, here are a few things that a hand sanitizer should not do


    1. Sanitizers should not peel off the skin while rubbing in your palm. Now, this might look weird, but there are a few sanitizers that can pull off this incident, as well. There have been many incidents in the past where people rubbed their skin out while using a sanitizer.

    Your hands should not be wet after using a sanitizer. It’s a common scenario, where few of the sanitizers use a less concentration of alcohol or none at all. They do not extract all the moisture from your hand, leaving them wet and a bit foamy.

    2. There have been many cases of rashes on the skin with extensive use of sanitizers. Actually, that is debatable because they might have rubbed their hand vigorously, leading to itching. Nonetheless, the sanitizer should not be a cause of rashes on the skin.

    3. There is a product that has not recorded any of these cases, which is Palm moisturizing gel. It is an antibacterial hand gel with 60% alcohol and guarantees a cruelty-free production. In other words, the product does not use any animal product in its production. You can visit the website and order your own hand gel.


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